« Moon Reflection – 3 new tracks, 3 new moods but 2 typical Meemee Nelzy characteristics: a strong personality mixed with a sweet touch.

Meemee keeps on exploring her soulful universe by producing an amazing and deep house inspired song called « James Bond Girl » (she leaked the demo version a few months ago on the internet). Once again she worked with Saneyes (an original beatmaker who had already produced the track « Ola-w té yé ») to create a pure love anthem « Lanmen Lanmou » (Love’s hands).

Once more the icing on the cake comes from the USA with « On Favè » produced by Diggs Duke. As usual some deep thoughts can be identified behind Meemee’s lyrics. « Moon Reflection » urges us to go beyond one’s physical appearance by focusing on what is being displayed by one’s behavior and his soul. »