« Sak pasé people !

I’m happy to bring you today this new beat album. As you can hear, it’s a project totally based on Haitian music from the 60′s to the 80′s. You probably be surprised but I’m not haitian, i’m from Guadeloupe, FWI. Haitian music really makes part of my musical culture not only due to the fact that we have a big haitian community here in Guadeloupe but also because this is a music i grew up with. As a young kid, before zouk music, my parents were dancing all night long in « bals », wedding or baptism parties on Compa, Cadence, Guaranco, Bolero, Meringue, Ra-Ra or Voodoo music among others in the 70′s and early 80′s.

From Tabou Combo, J-B Nemours’s Mini All Star, Skah Shah to Shleu Shleu or Djet X, Robert Martino’s Gypsies, Desjean’s Brothers or Boston’s Volo Volo just to name a few, i wanted to make a tribute to all those incredible haitian bands, ensembles, koumbites and combos with talented musicians from Petion-Ville, Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Canapé Vert, Cayes, Port-au-Prince, Boston, Miami, Montréal or New York, who gave us some of the most timeless and unforgettable melodies that we used to sing along all day till now. This music really makes part of my CULTURE, that’s why, for me, this project has to be done one day.

But, i didn’t want to make another beat tape between a million of others, i wanted to GIVE A REAL SENSE to this project, that’s why I DECIDED TO GIVE ALL MY SALES to La Croix Rouge Française TO HELP haitian people and the CHILDREN in particular. Don’t see no political move or fame searching, i just did it with my heart for the LOVE and for the love only. As the father that i am, i deeply believe that our children are the future so we have to think about them and give them all the chances to have a good time living through health and education. So, please, DONATE, give a little something, if you don’t want to do it for me, there is no problems, but do it for them, i’ll be thankful.

Musically, for all my french caribbean producers and beatmakers out there, i did not dig that deep for the samples, you probably have most of those records in your parents records collection. This was done with crackling vinyls and a sampler in that Hip Hop spirit as usual.

Also, most of the beats are on a 16 bars basis plus 8 bars for chorus, so, if you’re a singer, a rapper or a poet, feel free to record something and post your song/video online under the #WELOVEHAITI hashtag.

I hope y’all enjoy that album as i enjoyed to make it…

I want to send all my love and support to my Haitian people in Haiti and all over the world, to all diasporas, to all my Guadeloupean people and familly, to my wife and my daughter, to all caribbean music lover and of course to YOU for your unlimited love and support.

Thank you for your donation, your time, for your sharing and for your love.

Kako. »



« Moon Reflection – 3 new tracks, 3 new moods but 2 typical Meemee Nelzy characteristics: a strong personality mixed with a sweet touch.

Meemee keeps on exploring her soulful universe by producing an amazing and deep house inspired song called « James Bond Girl » (she leaked the demo version a few months ago on the internet). Once again she worked with Saneyes (an original beatmaker who had already produced the track « Ola-w té yé ») to create a pure love anthem « Lanmen Lanmou » (Love’s hands).

Once more the icing on the cake comes from the USA with « On Favè » produced by Diggs Duke. As usual some deep thoughts can be identified behind Meemee’s lyrics. « Moon Reflection » urges us to go beyond one’s physical appearance by focusing on what is being displayed by one’s behavior and his soul. »