SIKACOCO – A Caribbean Tribute To J DILLA

« This album is a caribbean tribute to James Yancy a.k.a J DILLA.
It’s a 22 tracks beats album entirely done with the DONUTS SAMPLES used by the great late J DiILLA for his Donuts LP on Stonesthrow Records. All the DRUMS are also sampled from J DILLA productions for various artists.
No extra samples, no synth, no computer, just a crate full of DILLA samples and productions on vinyl and that drum machine.

This album is done in a caribbean hip hop flavor that you probably never heard before, so feel free to dance on it, it is done for that.

I would like to dedicate this album to J DILLA and the Yancey Familly, to Detroit, to Guadeloupe and to all the J DILLA fans all around the world…

I know you can GET THIS ALBUM for free by putting less than 1, BUT if you appeciate my work and YOU STILL WANT GOOD MUSIC in your system, PLEASE, if you can, GIVE A LITTLE SOMETHING…

There is a hidden track (which is not hidden right now) titled JUST BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE YOU…

I hope y’all enjoy this album. Thanks for listening and supporting.

Peace !

Support LoKal Artists Movement. 2013.
released 06 March 2013
Produced by KakopHoniE bEatMéKa »